Advanced interactive dashboard representations of data using simple user interfaces offer the ability to visualize information in a graphical format to understand data more insightfully.


The ability to manage and meld access to various data sources provides a 360-degree view of your business and your company that is not possible in a siloed data environment.


Tools enable data-informed improvements in various business functions like marketing, finance, sales, operations, finance, support, HR and customer care individually and together.

Multi-Platform, Multi-User

BI applications work online and in mobile environments. Tools improve system performance so enterprises can distribute more information to targeted users faster. In multi-terabyte data warehouses, these tools provide excellent query performance.


Many systems offer user scalability to support advanced reporting and analysis. Dashboards and reports are available to many users, not just restricted to the organization's data analysts or executives.

Speed and Competitive Edge

BI can perform faster reporting, analysis and planning because of access to global data. The system's analysis capabilities make it possible to react to market or other conditions quickly.